Completion Testing and Troubleshooting ?>

Completion Testing and Troubleshooting

A local municipality set out to repair a fiber cable that was damaged in an underground conduit.  In order to restore the communications, the damaged mid-section was cut and removed from the conduit, replaced with a new cable, and fusion spliced to the original cable on both ends.  Testing with an OTDR verified the fusion splices were good. However the test revealed that one of the spare fibers had a bad termination and would not have passed light. The loss…

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NFL Stadium SMPTE Solution ?>

NFL Stadium SMPTE Solution

FiberNext recently worked with a championship NFL stadium to upgrade their broadcast fiber infrastructure. Whereas different broadcast companies use different types of connections, these networks present modularity issues not commonly found in other types of fiber networks. In the past, some broadcast companies would need to run long SMPTE (2fiber, 4 power connections) extension cables from their production trucks to the field to connect their HD cameras.  The cost to install and maintain hundreds of SMPTE connectors would be astronomical. …

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Customer Service Excellence ?>

Customer Service Excellence

Many companies offer products and services geared towards the fiber optics industry but not many will go above and beyond what is expected and do it fast! A story was relayed to me that exemplifies that statement. A local fiber optics cable provider received a call from a customer concerning a cell tower cable assembly that was damaged during installation. The customer needed the fiber optic portion of the cable assembly repaired as soon as possible. The furcation kit had…

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Are you experiencing fiber and copper panel density constraint headaches? ?>

Are you experiencing fiber and copper panel density constraint headaches?

If you haven’t experienced the headaches involved with space constrained installations, be patient, you will. High density panels are an efficient and cost effective way to increase port density in racks and cabinets. Using a high density rack mount fiber enclosure configured with either adapter plates or cassettes provides a complete solution for applications where maximum density is required. A high density panel such as the 96F High Density 1RU offered by FiberNext, is engineered to provide superior cable management…

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Plug and play cabling solutions are not always the best option ?>

Plug and play cabling solutions are not always the best option

Seeking the right fiber optic cabling solution can be somewhat of a challenge when tasked with a very large project. Here’s an example: A large electrical contractor was tasked with building out a new data center for a large nation-wide cable TV provider. The contractor was faced with providing over 3300 strands of OM3  fiber connectivity within the data center and over 230 strands of singlemode fiber to connect the site with other provider locations.  The contractor located a fiber…

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ITAR Compliance ?>

ITAR Compliance

What is ITAR Compliant or ITAR Certified. It has become a common practice by many companies, primarily defense contractors, to require a company who wants to become a vendor to be ITAR Compliant or ITAR Certified.  ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations).  The basic definition of ITAR compliant is: For a company involved in the manufacture, sale or distribution of goods or services covered under the United States Munitions List (USML) or a component supplier to goods covered under USML,…

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What is ISO Certification ?>

What is ISO Certification

What is ISO 9001:2008? In a nutshell, ISO 9001:2008 is a set of policies, processes and procedures designed to create a standard for companies especially focused on their ability to meet customer requirements. This set of policies and standards is referred to as a quality management system (QMS). There are many documents in the ISO 9000 group of standards, but ISO 9001-2008 is the only ISO standard that requires certification. ISO 9001:2008 is the most recent standard and can be…

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