Plug and play cabling solutions are not always the best option ?>

Plug and play cabling solutions are not always the best option

Seeking the right fiber optic cabling solution can be somewhat of a challenge when tasked with a very large project. Here’s an example:

A large electrical contractor was tasked with building out a new data center for a large nation-wide cable TV provider. The contractor was faced with providing over 3300 strands of OM3  fiber connectivity within the data center and over 230 strands of singlemode fiber to connect the site with other provider locations.  The contractor located a fiber optic cable provider that was able to value engineer a pre-terminated solution for the OM3 cabling that allowed the contractor to meet the tight time frame while saving thousands of dollars over a traditional plug and play solution. 

Following the installation of the OM3 cabling, the fiber optic cable provider technicians tested every fiber strand to ensure proper performance.  While on site, the technicians terminated and tested the singlemode WAN network, ensuring it met performance standards.  When the company was unable to connect to the new data center from their existing site, the fiber optics cable provider mobilized to the site and supported the staff, finding various fiber problems in the existing site.  The technicians stayed late into the night helping the staff repair the fibers in the existing site to connect to the new data center and meet their deadline.

Total Terminations: 7008 (All MM)

Total Assemblies: 152 (All Loaded Into Cassettes)

Total Length of Cable Used: 13,502 Ft.

Timeframe: 12/15/15 to 1/7/16 (15 Total Working Days)

Percentage of Our Capacity: Approximately 60% – 70%

This is a great example about how an out of the box, plug and play solution was not the right choice and how the service that supports the product goes far beyond the purchase. For more information about the fiber optic cable provider visit their website at

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