NFL Stadium SMPTE Solution ?>

NFL Stadium SMPTE Solution

FiberNext recently worked with a championship NFL stadium to upgrade their broadcast fiber infrastructure. Whereas different broadcast companies use different types of connections, these networks present modularity issues not commonly found in other types of fiber networks.

In the past, some broadcast companies would need to run long SMPTE (2fiber, 4 power connections) extension cables from their production trucks to the field to connect their HD cameras.  The cost to install and maintain hundreds of SMPTE connectors would be astronomical.  The solution FiberNext designed allowed the stadium to have a lower cost-of-ownership infrastructure and allowed cameramen/broadcast trucks to plug in to the network with short lower cost “standard length” SMPTE cables that they already have on the trucks.

Fibernext designed a large fiber count ring with over 20 connection points throughout the stadium and playing surface using standard ST connectivity.

However, to create modularity and alleviate the need to run long SMPTE extension cables, Fibernext designed and built custom rack mounted SMPTE to ST conversion panels that allowed the broadcast companies to tie into the static fiber network for the truck to field level connectivity.  Now, the camera men simply need to plug into the nearest patch panel with short SMPTE cables to broadcast to their production trucks, saving time, money and complexity.

This is an excellent reason why it is important to choose a company that thinks outside the box and doesn’t exclusively offer out of the box or canned solutions. FiberNext looks at the challenge and not only designs a solution but takes all factors into consideration including cost.

If you would like more information about FiberNext, please visit their website at or call the directly at (603) 226-2400.

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