Completion Testing and Troubleshooting ?>

Completion Testing and Troubleshooting

A local municipality set out to repair a fiber cable that was damaged in an underground conduit.  In order to restore the communications, the damaged mid-section was cut and removed from the conduit, replaced with a new cable, and fusion spliced to the original cable on both ends.  Testing with an OTDR verified the fusion splices were good.

However the test revealed that one of the spare fibers had a bad termination and would not have passed light.

The loss estimations from the fusion splicer were all good, but had the fibers not been further tested with the OTDR then the lurking problem of the failed connector would not have been discovered.  Now the connector can be replaced rather than finding out later when the need to be operational would likely be more critical.

Once again FiberNext was able to prevent a larger issue by completing the process all the way to testing.

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